JetPhotos Bad Info: Serial Number/CN

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JetPhotos Bad Info: Serial Number/CN

Post by Cary »

Has anyone gotten Bad Info: Serial Number/CN rejections on JetPhotos, since the new site launched? I've gotten two at separate times, and I always auto fill the data with the registration number. Both times, the reg is obviously already in the database, and all the other info populates. But somehow the serial number either drops off or doesn't get filled (not sure which). When I go back to the upload page to check (after the rejections), the serial for those regs seem to populate just fine. Anyone else come across this? I'm pretty sure I'm not deleting the serial number before upload -- after auto fill, I just check/change the date, enter a remark and choose categories.
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Re: JetPhotos Bad Info: Serial Number/CN

Post by Len90 »

I had this issue with a United 737. I input the information and somehow despite clicking United Airlines it input the Continental Airlines. It was rejected. I spoke up on their forum about it only to be told it is user error. Of course no fault on the system. Never had any issues with their old upload page.
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