Screening Consistency Fail

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Post by Len90 »

I think this one Cary will like a lot. It goes to show how inconsistent the screening is at I understand these guys are trying and do this in their free time, but come on.

Original image: ... 7724r1.jpg
Rejection reason: Oversharpened and overexposed
Appealed rejection to get: Overexposed with comment stating over sharpened dropped, but overexposed stands. Actually looks a bit soft as seen around the registration.

Okay fine, I adjusted the exposure and sharpened the image very little.

Reuploaded: ... 7724r2.jpg
Rejection reason: soft
Appealed rejection to get: Oversharpened and Blurry. Comment from head screeners: "I think the issue here is that it's blurry and oversharpened to compensate."

Think this is a perfect example of how everyone perceives sharpness differently. I also think it is comical that even the head screeners both differ in their feelings/impressions of an image.
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Re: Screening Consistency Fail

Post by Cary »

The links seem to have been truncated, but I've heard the oversharpened to soft (and vice versa) complaint often, after people have made a minimal adjustment. Also, it seems some screeners think any "oversharpened" pics were done to cover up softness, which annoys me to no end. If it's oversharp, just say so...don't tell me I did it to cover up blurriness, because I don't submit anything that's the least bit soft or blurry at 100%.
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